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About us

Orquidário Purpurata has started from an amateur orchid grower's dream Heinz Kricheldorf in Joinville, SC Brasil, who in 1968 had already dedicated his leisure time to the orchids.

In the same year, 1968, his daughter, was born and started tracking her father's steps, so that in 2002 she could take up the nursery as a business company together with her father and mother Norma, who founded the company in 1996

Cattleyas and Laelias Purpuratas are the highlights in our production, since Laelia Purpurata is the symbol-flower of our state , Santa Catarina, which is located in the southern region in Brazil. These are only some of our variety plants.

Our production is considered first-rated and receives a distinguished treatment, so that the plants could reach you maintaining the same quality.

Have a look at our list and check by yourself. We are very pleased in having you as a guest in our site as well as making you become our best and potential admirer.

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